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Photo of Pryor, Mitchell
Office Location: AHG 2.202MA

Mitchell Pryor

Research Faculty

Department Research Areas:
Nuclear and Radiation Engineering

Dr. Pryor earned his BSME at Southern Methodist University in 1993. After graduating, he taught math and science courses at St. James School in St. James Maryland before returning to Texas. He completed his Masters (1999) and PhD (2002) at UT Austin with an emphasis on the modeling, simulation, and operation of redundant manipulators. Since earning his PhD, Dr. Pryor has taught graduate and undergraduate courses in the ME and ECE departments as well as led and conducted research in the area of applied robotics and automation with an emphasis on robotics in hazardous environments including nuclear, energy, and defense. He has worked for numerous research sponsors including Army Futures Command (AFC), NASA, DARPA, DOE-EM, Idaho National Lab (INL), Los Alamos National Lab (LANL), Oak Ridge National Lab (ORNL), Savannah River National Lab (SRNL), Y-12, and many industrial partners. Dr. Pryor is a co-founder of the Nuclear & Applied Robotics Group (NRG) and RAPID - an industry affiliate program supporting automation in the energy sector. Both are interdisciplinary research efforts to deploy robotics in hazardous, uncertain environments to perform manufacturing, material handling, mobile survey, mobile manipulation, and other tasks. He has been a member of ROS-Industrial, IEEE, ASME, PGE, and ANS Professional Societies. He served as chair of the executive committee of the ANS Robotics & Remotes Systems Division.

Nuclear and Applied Robotics Group

Rig Automation Proformance Improvement in Drilling (RAPID)

Texas Robotics