close up of machine processing material

Advanced Manufacturing and Design uses technological advances to create products and systems that solve challenging societal problems. Advanced manufacturing techniques enable fabrication of products that are more high-performance, customized, and sustainable than ever before.

close up of machine testing materials

The Advanced Materials Science and Engineering research area in the Walker Department of Mechanical Engineering includes significant efforts in clean energy materials, optical and photonic materials, and structural materials. We are also pursuing advances in materials for energy storage and production (rechargeable batteries, fuel cells, supercapacitors, solar materials, and thermoelectric), optoelectronic devices for cellular biology and tissue engineering, aircraft materials that resist icing, and flexible electronics.

woman with machine/robot on each arm demonstrating use

Biomechanics is the application of fundamental mechanical engineering principles to biological systems.

two people sitting and talking in front of multiple computer screens

Decisions are often difficult because the outcome is uncertain. Researchers focused on Analytics and Probabilistic Modeling seek to quantify uncertainty and risk so that engineers, policy makers, and executives can make the best choice. They develop methodologies and processes to quantify and communicate risk in complex decision situations.

view of solar panels in a field

Clean energy technology research focuses on advancing clean energy technology at every stage, from energy storage (such as rechargeable batteries), novel conversion devices (such as fuel cells), production, and the advancement of solar energy. The Department of Mechanical Engineering’s areas of excellence include the development of new materials, advanced nuclear fuel cycles, efficient manufacturing processes, system integration and control, testing and designing components at the microscale and system levels, and analysis of transient behavior.

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