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The advent of fast, inexpensive and ubiquitous computing has radically changed the practice of engineering. At the heart of engineering is the use of models of and data from physical phenomena and systems to predict their behavior, so that their responses can be tailored and/or controlled to meet design requirements. Modern computational modeling and data analysis enables predictions of unprecedentedly fidelity and reliability, which is allowing the analysis, design, control and operation of ever more complex systems.

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Engineering Education research focuses on understanding how best to recruit, retain and prepare a diverse engineering workforce. This includes how people learn engineering content and how to best teach engineering; what interests and motivates students to pursue engineering and how do we support their persistence in engineering majors and careers.

Throughout its long history, the Walker Department of Mechanical Engineering’s nuclear research program has had a commitment to educating the brightest students in the United States and abroad — a commitment which grows stronger now as we expand to encompass health physics, radiation engineering, research reactor beam port experiments, radioactive waste management and reactor and computational nuclear engineering.

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As materials, mechanisms, and machines are scaled down to the micro- and nano-scales, new physical phenomena emerge, producing unique and extraordinary mechanical, electrical and thermal properties. Engineers at the University of Texas at Austin work to understand the fundamental science of how these materials and systems change at the micro- and nano-scales as well as how to incorporate micro- and nano-scale structures into working devices in order to improve the device functionality.

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Robotics and intelligent machines are emerging as prime technologies that can provide a wide range of innovative solutions in healthcare, advanced manufacturing, and in space and defense applications. Due to fundamental advances across multiple disciplines, such technologies are poised to see a huge growth in the coming years, both in research and application.

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