close up of acoustic insulation

The Department of Mechanical Engineering has supported a strong concentration in the research area of Theoretical and Applied Acoustics for more than five decades. The foundation of this program of work is a sequence of eight core graduate courses, four of which cover the foundations of theoretical acoustics (two courses on physical acoustics, one on nonlinear acoustics, and one on advanced topics in acoustical wave phenomena), and four of which cover traditional areas of applied acoustics (acoustical transducers, underwater acoustics, architectural acoustics, and ultrasonics).

close up of student with safety goggles in front of apparatus

Thermal/Fluid Systems is a critical research area within the Walker Department of Mechanical Engineering with a focus on the disciplines of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, heat transfer and combustion. Research and teaching within this area is very diverse, targeting the areas of energy, healthcare, materials, environmental protection and manufacturing.

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