The ME curriculum includes 12 credit hours of Career Gateway Electives (CGEs) which give students the flexibility to tailor their upper-division academic program to meet a variety of career goals, while ensuring that they graduate with a robust grounding in one or more selected technical or specialty areas.  The CGEs are arranged into tracks, each of which has designated courses. Technical tracks are designed to provide more focus in a selected technical area than is provided in the core curriculum alone. Specialty tracks are designed for those students whose career interests extend beyond mechanical engineering.

Technical Tracks
  1. Energy Systems Engineering
  2. Nuclear & Radiation Engineering
  3. Advanced Materials Engineering
  4. Design & Manufacturing
  5. Dynamics, Vibrations, Acoustics, and Controls
  6. Industrial Engineering & Management
  7. Automotive & Vehicle Systems Engineering
  8. Biomechanical and Biomedical Engineering
  9. Humanitarian Engineering
  10. Robotics and Mechatronics
  11. Sustainable Engineering

Students must pick 1 or 2 technical tracks and take CGEs from the approved list under those tracks.

All ME students are allowed to count 3 hours of Co-Op credits taken through ECAC Co-Op Program (ES 255K and ES 225L) towards any technical track. Starting Fall 2024, there will be an approval process to apply the credits towards CGEs. Please contact the Academic Advising Coordinator for more information.

Specialty Tracks
  1. Health Professions
  2. Career Military*
  3. Plan II Program*
  4. Pre-Law
  5. UT Austin Bridging Disciplines Programs*
  6. STEM Education/UTeach Program*
  7. Elements of Computing Certificate
  8. Computational Science and Engineering Certificate

Students must pick one specialty track. *Some tracks require special application/admission.

Custom Tracks

Students must write a one-page proposal and meet with the faculty undergraduate advisor for pre-approval of CGEs within a custom-designed track.

Fall 2024 CGE Course Offerings

Suggested Sequence for Technical Areas

Some Technical Areas have a recommended course sequence to ensure you are able to meet the pre-reqs for the electives you are taking. If you are interested in one of the following tracks (Robotics/Mechatronics, Dynamics, Vibrations, Acoustics and Controls, Energy Systems Engineering or Materials Engineering), please review the customized flow charts below.

Robotics and Mechatronics or Dynamics, Vibrations, Acoustics and Controls

Energy Systems Engineering Option 1

Energy Systems Engineering Option 2

Materials Engineering

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I select my track and what is the deadline to do so?

We expect students to generally progress through the curriculum in different ways. For this reason, the ME UGO staff have relied on the intent to enroll in either ME 330 or ME 334 as an indicator that a student finalize their CGE track selection." Selection of track happens during registration advising.

How many tracks can I select?

Students are allowed to select up to 2 tracks. Selecting 2 tracks allows you to combine courses from those tracks, so your total of 12 hours is split between the tracks. You do not need to do 12 hours for each track to graduate.

When can I start taking CGE courses?

Students can begin taking CGEs only once their track choice has been documented by the undergraduate office and they meet the pre-reqs for the course they are interested in.

Who I talk to if I am unsure which track to pursue?

Before selecting a technical track(s), students are highly encouraged to contact one of the faculty mentors for that track(s) to discuss their choice. Students who are unsure about a choice of track are encouraged to discuss their options with the track mentors. If questions cannot be resolved, contact the ME Associate Chair for Undergraduate Education.

Will my Career Gateway Elective track be listed on my transcript?

Students who complete all 12 credit hours of their CGEs within one technical track will receive a credential in that track. Students are encouraged to display a credential on their resume/CV or graduate/professional school application.

What if I am not interested in any of the listed technical or specialty tracks?

If one of the pre-approved technical or specialty tracks does not fit a student's interests, students may choose to create their a Custom CGE track. In this case, students will be required to prepare a written one-page document that explains how each of the courses they have selected will provide them with a solid preparation for their career choice. Custom CGE track application documents can be requested from the ME Undergraduate Office Advisors.  The ME Associate Chair for Undergraduate Education must pre-approve all custom-designed tracks for CGE credit.

Some of the suggested flow charts have courses being taken early. Does pursuing a specific track guarantee that I will get a seat in a course?

No, the suggested flow charts above are just recommendations. The advising office will do their best to get you into courses early to allow you the opportunity to follow the paths, but we cannot guarantee that you will get a seat in a course.

Can I change the CGE track that I selected?
  • Yes, students are allowed to change their CGE track by emailing one of the ME Undergraduate advisors to notify them of the change. These changes are only allowed if you have not already started taking courses towards another track.
  • If you have already started taking courses towards a CGE track and now want to change, you will be combining the two tracks (not completely changing).
    • 3 hours of Energy Systems Engineering has been taken and you want to now take Robotics/Mechatronics courses – you will only need 9 hours of Robotics/Mechtronics CGEs