close up of machine processing material

Advanced Manufacturing and Design uses technological advances to create products and systems that solve challenging societal problems. Advanced manufacturing techniques enable fabrication of products that are more high-performance, customized, and sustainable than ever before.

Advanced Manufacturing and Design in the Walker Department of Mechanical Engineering is particularly strong in the area of additive manufacturing — also known as 3D printing — and nano-scale manufacturing. We innovate and advance the state of the art in engineering new processes, machines, predictive modeling capabilities, and design strategies. We complement these innovations with core expertise in robotics, quality control, design engineering, computational engineering, and materials processing, and motivate our work with applications as varied as medical devices, honeycomb materials, and biomaterials.


Additive Manufacturing Initiatives

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Area Faculty

Joseph Beaman

David Bourell

Dongmei Chen

Richard Crawford

Michael Cullinan

Ashish D.  Deshpande

Janet Ellzey

Donglei Fan

Michael R. Haberman

Robert Hebner

Wei Li

Richard Neptune

Steven Nichols

Raymond Orbach

Mitchell Pryor

Chris Rylander

Carolyn Seepersad

S.V. Sreenivasan

Mehran Tehrani

Yaguo Wang

Yuebing Zheng