The design and manufacture of most engineering devices and systems is heavily constrained by materials properties and the availability of materials. This option allows students to obtain a concentration in materials engineering as a basis for practice and graduate study in this field.

Faculty Advisor: Eric Taleff,

Industry Applicability

This certificate program area is appropriate to prepare mechanical engineers for jobs in industry that deal with one or more of the following:

  • Selection of materials for mechanical devices or structures
  • Service of materials in difficult or extreme environments
  • Manufacturing analysis of materials into useful components
  • Critical analysis of material failure events

Required Courses (choose any three)


M E 336, Materials Processing
M E 350 Machine Tool Operations for Engineers
M E 359 Materials Selection
M E 378K Mechanical Behavior of Materials
M E 378P Properties and Applications of Polymers
M E 379M, Failure Analysis
M E 379M Polymer Nanocomposites
M E 379M Nanotechnology for Sustainable Energy
Approved materials-related engineering and natural science electives

Graduate (may be taken with instructor approval)

M E 386P Introduction to Thermodynamic Materials
M E 386P Structure of Materials
M E 386Q Applied Perspective Nanotechnology
M E 386Q High Temperature Materials
Approved materials-related engineering and natural science electives

Project Class (choose one)

M E 377K Projects in Mechanical Engineering
M E 397P Projects in Mechanical Engineering

For course descriptions visit the University Catalog.

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