Robots are multipurpose machines equipped with sensors, actuators and controllers. These days robots are designed to perform surgery, assist and interact with humans, achieve autonomous driving, automate manufacturing and carry out space missions. Mechatronics is the synergistic integration of mechanical engineering with electronics and intelligent computer control in design and manufacturing of industrial products and processes. Applications for robotics and mechatronics are wide-ranging and rapidly growing, including manufacturing, agriculture, healthcare, defense and space. Students completing the program will be equipped with broad fundamental knowledge and practical skills important for careers in industry and for graduate studies.

Faculty advisor: Dr. James Sulzer

Required Courses (choose any three)

ME 350R - Robot Mechanism Design

ME 364L - Automatic Control System Design

ME 383Q - Dynamics of Mechanical Systems

ME 379M - Robot Vehicle Systems

ME 348C - Introduction to Mechatronics I (*In new catalog, this will be listed as ME 348E - Advanced Mechatronics I)

ME 348D - Introduction to Mechatronics II (*In new catalog, this will be listed as ME 348F - Advanced Mechatronics II)

ME 379M - Theory and Design for Mechanical Measurements

*EE 362K - Intro to Automatic Control

*ASE 370C - Feedback Control Systems

*EE 445L - Embedded Systems Design Lab

*ASE 330M - Linear System Analysis

Required Project Course

ME 377K or ME 397P - Projects in Mechanical Engineering

*To register for courses outside of ME, students must follow the respective departments non-major registration procedure.

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