There are several ways to purchase an item, through UT Market, Purchase Order, or Procard.


UT has a purchasing system called UT Market. Contracted prices are already on the website, with contracted prices for shipping, etc., as well. Using a contracted vendor can also help an order get placed faster, even if it's more than $5000.


  1. To access UT Market use the following link, EID and password required: https://utdirect.utexas.edu/apps/frms/utmarket/ecommerce/.
  2. After login is complete, select "click here to enter UT Market". Everyone with a UT EID can use the system; to gain access for first time, log in.
  3. Click the appropriate vendor. For example, for general supplies, we will choose “Today’s Office Depot Partner." vendor list       
  4. Once all the items are added, the next step is to “check-out”. The page will take you back to the original UT market page. 
  5. Select "Assign Cart" and use the EID of the appropriate admin/buyer. For Kevin Smith use: krs3482 
    1. NOTE: If the shopper is a student, post-doc, etc., he/she should assign the cart to his/her faculty advisor for approvals. (If faculty member cannot be located in the system, please ask him/her to log in to be automatically added.) The faculty member can write notes to the buyer, such as what account number to use for the cart or specific items (Please note: purchase will not be processed without a valid account # so please be sure to include in the notes).
    2. Once the faculty member approves the cart, it can be forwarded to the buyer, Kevin Smith, use EID: krs3482.
  6. Once the cart is assigned, the buyer will receive an automatic email stating that a cart has been assigned. From there, the buyer will send the PO, and everything is taken care of behind the scenes. In other words, once the PO is approved, it is automatically sent to the vendor who sends an acknowledgment of receipt of order, ships, and invoices.



Shipping address:                                 Billing address:
University of Texas at Austin                1616 Guadalupe
Mechanical Engineering Dept.             UTA, Suite 3.302
204 East Dean Keeton St.                    Austin, Texas 78701
ETC 1.210A
Austin, Texas 78712


A Purchase Order (PO) is a prior approved document used to obtain goods and services that holds the vendor to a guaranteed price and supply without a contract.


Click on the link below to submit a request for a new purchase order, it will be received and processed by Kevin Smith. Once the purchase order is processed a copy of the PO will be sent to the vendor. Please allow sufficient time to have the PO processed.

The link will guide you on the purchasing types based on amount: Procurement Guideline Matrix

Purchasing order form coming soon!



  1. When the total amount is under $4,500, a ProCard may be used in lieu of a Purchase Order (ProCard rules and restrictions apply).
  2. Purchase Orders must be finalized before goods/services are received.
  3. Please DO NOT purchase the item/service with personal funds unless it follows one of these guidelines: Other Reimbursements




 Purchasing Process  Links to Procedure  Required Documentation
 ProCard  Disallowable Purchase List

Receipts and Log if not the sole user of ProCard. Reminder, cancel the Amazon Prime membership and replace with Amazon Prime Business membership. 

 UT Market Orders & Purchase Orders

≤ $15,000

Justification not required per HBP 7.2 Authority to Obligate   BCRF, Draft & Quote

Informal Bidding

$15,000.01 - $50,000

 Refer to HBP 7.5.4 Informal Bids


 Exclusive Acquisition (EAJ) & Existing Contracts 

> $15,000

 Refer to HBP 7.5.3 Exclusive Acquisition

List of Existing Contracts

1 Quote & EAJ, 2 competitive quotes.  

EAJ should include justifiable reasons why that equipment is the only one to provide that service/good. On EAJ form, be specific when naming 2 to 3 other suppliers in the "Evaluation of Other Sources" box and state exactly why they don't meet the specifications that were stated in the "Required Features" box. Do not indicate any cost benefit, this is not relevant for an EAJ. 

 Formal Bidding - ITB

> $50,000.01

Refer to HBP 7.5.5 Invitation to Bid (ITB) 

Detailed Specifications 

Formal Bidding - RFP

> $50,000.01 

HBP 7.5.6 Request for Proposal (RFP):

Further information required 

RFP requests has detailed specifications 
  • Quotes must not be expired 
  • Competitive quotes: same criteria given to all vendors (apples to apples) 

The Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts awarded a contract to Citibank to provide procurement cards for State of Texas agencies.

Texas Purchases that support the daily business needs of the University should utilize the appropriate procurement method. Trained and certified UT Austin employees are issued credit cards, also known as ProCards, from the state-approved bank to be used only for the purchase of allowable low-dollar and low-risk goods and services for university purposes.



In order to receive a ProCard, an application must be first submitted. Next you must attend the required training, then you will receive the ProCard.

You can find the application by clicking on this link to get started. 

procard management 

The application will need to route to all of the appropriate parties within the ME unit, please make sure to include the following. 

If you have any questions on any of the fields, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  • Department Manager/Designee EID: (Jennifer Horsak EID: ji267)
  • CSU Business Office: Cockrell School of Engineering (Patrick Abbott EID: abbottpj)
  • Owning Unit Code: Mechanical Engineering (1420000)
  • Account Number: use the non-equipment account number provided (10 digits). This valid account number will serve as the default account number for all your ProCard transactions. This can be changed at the end of each month when the procurement contact emails you for the account.
  • Reconciler EID: krs3482



  • Do not split charges. A “split charge” is the intentional splitting of a purchase such that the total amount of the transaction remains under the Cardholder’s single transaction limit. Splitting charges is strictly prohibited. For example, if the card is denied because a $5,000 purchase is being made and the vendor splits it as two transactions of $2,500.
  • UT Austin is exempt form paying Texas sales tax, use this form.
  • Ship only to UT Addresses.
  • A transaction log must be used during all instances of card sharing.
  • Avoid personal purchases. If the card was accidentally used, contact you purchasing contact immediately. The individual will pay the University back from the amount via the Bursar's office.
  • Gift cards: the ProCard may only be used to purchase gift cards as an award for a non-employee, or for research study participants. The purchase of gift cards based on employee or student employee roles, or as a reward or present, is strictly prohibited.
  • eBay Purchases require additional approval (exceeding $500)
  • Do not store card information in PayPal. Use guest checkout only.
  • All Amazon purchases must utilize the Amazon Business Prime Membership made available specifically for the University of Texas at Austin. Contact the Financial Analyst for the invitation.
  • Please DO NOT purchase the item/service yourself unless it follows one of these guidelines: Other Reimbursements
  • Do not sign anything regarding Terms & Conditions. Either a PO needs to be processed or a contract.



When a verified purchase or service is on the disallowed list. 

  1. Go to your Procard database
  2. Click on "Submit a request/report" in the top menu, then "Misuse Report"
  3. Select your card from the dropdown menu
  4. Fill out form
    1. EID of person that misused the card
    2. Description of misuse
    3. Last four digits on card (if different)
    4. Dates of misuse
    5. Provide justification
  5. In your Procard Management Tool, go to "Inbox" to check if an exception has been accepted
  6. Download and submit to your purchasing team to be attached to the documentation



  1. Go to your Procard database
  2. Click on "Submit a request/report" in the top menu, then "Exception Request"
  3. Radio button, click "no"
  4. Fill out form
    1. Under "Exception Type", choose "payment increase"
    2. Provide a strong justification
    3. Manager EID: preusset





This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
EID: krs3482




Contracts are legal agreements between the University and an individual or business entity set up before payment. Only an individual with the written delegation of authority from the President of UT Austin may sign contracts on behalf of the University, generally someone in the Office of the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. A University contract without an authorized signature may be invalid and unenforceable. It may create individual liability for the unauthorized signer.

Please note that services may not begin until the contract is fully executed by both parties. 


Work with the Financial Analyst, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.to confirm if the contract is the best course of action.

Once it has been determined, fill out the Business Contract Review Checklist (BCRC) to be submitted to Jennifer Horsak for review. Attach the proposed contract or agreement as part of the review and signature.

The contract is then submitted to the Business Contracts Office (BCO) and reviewed. BCO will work with the vendor if contract terms or areas need to be amended. BCO will use DocuSign to acquire signatures.

Note that other purchases rules still apply. If an EAJ is required, it will need to be processed. EAJ Information.




Expenditure Procedures


Per CSE policy, reimbursements for non-entertainment & non-travel (unless memberships) are highly discouraged.

Allowable reimbursements to faculty or staff include reference books and materials, memberships, subscriptions, and registration. Faculty or staff must use a Texas Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certificate when making purchases on the University's behalf. If Texas sales tax is charged, it will not be reimbursed. Please follow instructions set forth on the Office of Accounting’s Administration Services website to obtain this exemption certificate. 

For any reimbursement, please make sure to submit the receipt within 60 days of the purchase date to avoid seeking an exception and a delay in reimbursement. Please note, after 60 days, it is not guaranteed that you will receive a reimbursement.

If all approvals are in place, a receipt, method of payment and account number is needed to move forward.



Work with the Financial Analyst to review personal reimbursements.

If all approvals are in place, a receipt, method of payment and account number is needed to move forward.