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Clean energy technology research focuses on advancing clean energy technology at every stage, from energy storage (such as rechargeable batteries), novel conversion devices (such as fuel cells), production, and the advancement of solar energy. The Department of Mechanical Engineering’s areas of excellence include the development of new materials, advanced nuclear fuel cycles, efficient manufacturing processes, system integration and control, testing and designing components at the microscale and system levels, and analysis of transient behavior.

The University of Texas at Austin is the nation’s #1 energy research university. In the Walker Department of Mechanical Engineering, the clean energy technology research area has many faculty and graduate students working to improve our energy system. Our faculty members teach courses that are critical components of the Graduate Portfolio Program in Energy Studies. Furthermore, Mechanical Engineering faculty and students have a close relationship with the Energy Institute, the Clean Energy Incubator, Longhorn Energy Club, and the Nuclear Engineering Teaching Lab.


Graduate Portfolio Program in Energy Studies

Longhorn Energy Club

Core Courses and Electives in Sustainable Energy Systems Certificate Program

Research Facilities and Other Resources

Nuclear Engineering Teaching Laboratory

Energy Institute

Clean Energy Incubator


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Area Faculty

David Bogard

Janet Ellzey

Donglei Fan

Matthew Hall

Ronald Matthews

Li Shi

Preston S. Wilson

Guihua Yu

Yuebing Zheng